5 Signs your website is in need of an update.

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Grab a comfy seat because we’re about to go on a journey into the world of design and technology – the key ingredients for making your website truly stand out! Let’s jump straight into it! Here are 5 signs to let you know your website is in need of a makeover.

Latest Design & Technology

I always say, “first impressions are the lasting impressions,” so making sure your site is visually up-to-date is an absolute must! It’s like giving your site a style upgrade, making sure the overall look and feel truly reflect your fantastic products and services. When it comes to design, focus on ensuring it’s visually pleasing and easy to engage with.

Tips: Simplify the design, refresh colours and fonts, try and add multimedia elements such as videos or subtle movements and ensure responsiveness of the website; which leads me on to my next point…

Non-Responsive Design

We’re in the age of smartphones and tablets, so it’s super important to ensure your website is friendly to all screen sizes. If your site doesn’t play well with mobile devices, you could be missing out on a load of visitors! Yes, the visitor count matters, but our good friend Google also loves websites that are mobile-friendly and gives the site a boost in search rankings. So, I’d say it’s a must-have in all cases!

Tips: Try stacking your content in a simple and easy-to-read format. Break information into clear sections and use clear headings to improve readability. Make your calls to action stand out by increasing their size and ensuring they are easy to locate.

Slow Loading Times

In this day and age everyone wants information quickly and efficiently. Not only is a slow website frustrating for users, it also determines the performance of your website and the ranking it’s given on search engines such as Google. If your site takes too long to load, visitors are more likely to go elsewhere and look for an alternative website.

Tips: Optimise images, use browser caching systems and ensuring you’re on the best possible hosting plan for your website.

Outdated Content

Content is the royal icing of your website! Keeping the content fresh, relevant, and updated has a significant impact on your website’s credibility. Ensure the content is reviewed on a regular basis, and make sure it aligns accurately with your business goals. Okay, so now I’m going to sound like a broken record, but guess what? Search engines love to read content that is relevant.

Tips: Pop a date in the calendar and take some time to review your content and schedule time for updates. This not only ensures accuracy but also shows that your site is actively maintained, improving its credibility and search rankings.

Poor Navigation

Let’s talk about website navigation – it’s like the GPS for your visitors… but if it’s a bit confusing or not super easy to use, it can be really hard for the visitor to find exactly what they are looking for. A website with confusing or inefficient navigation can frustrate users and drive them away. If visitors struggle to find the information they need or if your site lacks a clear call-to-action, is it time to look at your website navigation?

Tips: Make the menu as simplified as possible. Direct the users around the website towards the end goal/endpoint of the website. Ensure the journey on your site is smooth and super easy.

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And there you have it… Whether it’s a style upgrade, mobile-friendliness, or a content refresh; remember your website is your online kingdom, and it deserves to be treated like royalty. Book a consultation or a website audit with us and we will give you tips on how you can improve your website and online presence.

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