Corporate Social Responsibility

As you all know, we are proud to be a creative design agency that focuses on building long-term branding & marketing success for businesses across the country, but we are also proud of our ever-evolving corporate social responsibility efforts.

Supporting young people with their journey into the industry

We are proud to partake in regular workshops with high school children around Leicestershire in partnership with LEBC. As part of these sessions, our team volunteer their time to provide invaluable career advice to the young people, guiding them towards their next steps. We have developed this commitment further with a decision by one of our directors to become an Enterprise Advisor to help a designated local education establishment with their career activities!

Similarly, we have been fortunate enough to provide work experience to local teenagers who have been eager to learn more about the industry and dive head-first into our bustling studio. We believe that these opportunities have the possibility to really shape a young person’s outlook, and it’s great to be a part of that!

Over the past five years or so, we are pleased to have been able to offer apprenticeship opportunities to school and college leavers in graphic design and digital marketing. These young people have been able to take away extensive industry experience and new knowledge of the working world, plus an additional qualification.

Our commitment to helping future decision-makers through our relationship with both education and the East Midlands Chamber will continue.

Our charitable commitments

Creative62 act as a strategic partner for Leicester-based disability charity Mosaic 1898. This relationship means we make a commitment of 8 hours per month, where we provide marketing support to help increase the charity’s online and offline presence.

Improving our eco credentials

2023 has seen more commitment than ever to our eco credentials too, as we continue to reduce the amount of waste we produce, print less and recycle any paper and plastic we do use. We have introduced smart switches that mean no energy is wasted when it isn’t needed, in turn reducing our CO2 output. We made the switch to the much more energy-efficient LED lighting too and have even swapped out physical meetings where possible and held them online to reduce CO2 emissions produced as part of the associated travelling.

Our biggest CSR project to date is working towards becoming a B Corp certified company. B Corp describes Certified B Corporations as “leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. Unlike other certifications for businesses, B Lab is unique in our ability to measure a company’s entire social and environmental impact.”. As we push towards this certification, we will document and share our journey and the changes we implement to become a business with a stronger positive impact.

Little actions with big impacts

As a team, we make sure to get involved in any other fundraising opportunities that arise by doing things like sponsoring our clients in their charity endeavours.

In previous years, Creative62 has been the sponsor of multiple sporting teams ranging from little ones all the way up to teams starring ex-England players! These sponsorships have provided vital funding for equipment, coaches and training sessions to go ahead – keeping these fantastic sports clubs alive.

Our commitment to our corporate social responsibility journey is important to us so check out our social media channels for updates or visit this page again soon to see which new improvements we’ve made.