Firstly, what is motion graphics?

Basically, it’s a creative way to get information across to its viewer by manipulating graphics and typography within an animation. You would have seen hundreds of these daily without even knowing. Motion graphics will be seen in a massive range of formats, such as in film trailers, animated logos, TV adverts, transitions in apps, website interactions, video games, tutorial videos, video introductions, presentations, lyric videos, and so on… They are everywhere. Why? Because they work!

Use motion graphics to enhance your brand’s recognition.

You know when some things are just hard to explain in an email, so a phone call is your answer? Motion graphics is the phone call! Using motion graphics is your best bet if you need to break down hard-to-get-across information into a lovely little video. This makes it easier for your viewers to understand whatever you need to say and encourage your audience to interact more with your adverts and content, keeping you memorable. Especially where advertising is constantly evolving, you don’t want to be the ones who are behind on what’s new!

Apply motion graphics to your business.

Motion graphics can be so dynamic and fun which are essential to catching the audience’s attention from the get-go. But how can you apply this to your business? Depending which products or services you provide, you can incorporate motion graphics in so many ways. As important as it is to stay on top of your social media, take it that one step further by giving your business that competitive edge with motion graphics. Firstly, an ideal way to initiate your use in motion graphics, is to bring your logo to life, making it captivating, whether it be in your emails or just the start of your web page.

Social media platforms are where it’s at for anything animated, from Instagram stories to TikTok. When you’re scrolling through your phone day-to-day, you often scroll past anything static, until that one visual just pops out at you. With most advertising being motionless, animated ones are instantly going to grab their attention, which boosts audience engagement, and makes your content more shareable. Got any client testimonials you’d like to show off to the world? Are you introducing a new product? Is there an important presentation coming up? Animate them, make them memorable, and watch your results soar!

Top tips on making your content pop with motion graphics.

If you want your audience to really engage with your content, the animation needs to really be appealing to watch. To achieve this result:

  1. Show diversity by using motion graphics within various platforms.
  2. Keep motion within your animation as smooth as possible, this makes the viewer captivated, as the motion is calming and easier to follow.
  3. A great way to use motion graphics is to have the elements of the video, i.e. words or images appear or move along with music. The alignment of these two assets will enhance the cleanliness of the video, making the story-telling more engaging and satisfying to watch.
  4. Keep the style consistent alongside your branding.

Explore the possibilities of motion graphics.

Have we got you thinking about the possibilities of motion graphics? Get in touch with me to discuss how we can help you take your brand to another level with the help of motion graphics!

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