Web & UI design trends for 2024.

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Hello design enthusiasts…. 2024 is here and you don’t want to be stuck in the past. So, I would like to share my 5 design trend predictions for 2024. Lets jump straight into it!


This trend has been hot in the previous year and I feel its still going to be a hot trend for 2024. Its all about adding depth with layering element on top of each other. This could be text overlapping on images or even shapes overlapping over sections. I would say this trend is like a scrapbook style with elements scattered to bring the design to life.


Apple popularised the grid design and they are here to stay in 2024! The use of grids in design has become a timeless approach and offers a clean and refined feel to a design.

Dark Mode

As many websites and apps switch from light-mode to dark-mode depending on the time of day; now dark mode is no longer an option – its an essential. Get comfortable with seeing dark colours across digital designs.

Gradients and Bright Colours

Step aside neutral colours! 2024 is all about boosts of colours and gradients. Think of it like playful and fun colour combinations even with the added textures. Gradients will be everywhere, from websites to mobile apps. – Take our website as an example, we have added gradients and complimented these with pops of colour… We love bright colours!

BIG Typography

Stand out from the crowd with large typography on both web and mobile. Think interesting things like offset or offscreen typography. This trend is all about experimentation and breaking the mould with playful huge fonts.

I hope you’re excited about these design trends as much as I am! Let me know what you think, lets talk about your website and how we can use some of these trends to boost the look and feel of your website.
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