Tips for creating accessible design and content.

What is Accessibility?

Accessibility is the practice of designing and creating content that can be accessed and used by people with different abilities and preferences. It’s important that your content is inclusive for your audience, which is why we’re sharing some great advice on how to make your content accessible for people with disabilities, and users who rely on assistive technologies such as screen readers, magnifiers and keyboards.

Tip 1 – Use clear and concise language

Avoid using jargon, slang, acronyms and abbreviations – this may confuse or exclude your readers. It’s always best to use clear, plain language that is easy to understand and follow, and make sure the text is punctuated, capitalised and grammatically correct. Instead of writing in passive voice, we also recommend that you write in an active voice. For example, “Creative62 published an article on accessibility best practices”.

Tip 2 – Add alternative text to images and videos

Alt-Text is a brief description of an image that is read aloud by screen readers, and helps people to visualise an image when it cannot be loaded. This helps people who are blind or who have low vision, to better understand the content and context of an image. It should be written in a descriptive, relevant, and concise style. An example of Alt-Text for the image above would be, ‘Two young people holding colourful balloons and smiling at each other”.

Tip 3 – Use hashtags and emojis sparingly and appropriately

Hashtags and emojis can add personality and engagement to your social media posts, but they also create barriers for some users.

Hashtags are difficult to read and pronounce for screen readers, so it’s best to avoid long, complex tags. Only use hashtags when they are relevant or meaningful, and separate words in hashtags by capitalising the first letter of each word, which will help make it easier to read and pronounce. Finally, avoid using too many hashtags, as they can clutter the screen and distract from the main message.

Emojis can be confusing and misleading for many people with cognitive or visual impairments, as well as for readers who use different platforms or devices. Provide a text equivalent for emojis that convey information or emotion. You should avoid using emojis that are ambiguous, offensive or culturally insensitive, and test your emojis on different platforms and devices to ensure they are displayed correctly and consistently.

Tip 4 – Use colour contrast and legible fonts

Make your posts easier to read for people who have colour blindness, low vision, or dyslexia, by choosing high contrast colours and fonts for your text and backgrounds. Avoid using colour alone to convey a meaning, or a text colour that is too similar to the background. Use fonts that are clear and large enough to be seen, and if you highlight an important piece of text, make sure it’s noticeable by making it bold.

Tip 5 – Videos and audio

Add captions or transcripts to your videos and audio clips for users with hearing challenges, but also for people who prefer to read rather than listen. Where possible, avoid flashing or excessive moving elements that may trigger seizures or distract attention. If you do use them, always provide a warning notice at the beginning, with an option to turn them off.

And finally, the best advice…
Test your content with different devices and accessibility tools. You can use online tools like WebAIM or WAVE to check for accessibility issues and get suggestions on how to fix them. But best of all, welcome feedback from people with different abilities and preferences who use screen readers, keyboard navigation, or magnification technology.

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How can social media increase brand awareness?

Most businesses will know that brand awareness is completely essential to growing your business sustainably. But, many businesses are unlikely to have thought about the huge part social media can play in generating that brand awareness. Here’s how social media increases positive brand awareness for thousands and thousands of businesses every single day.

Show some personality!!

Social media offers an exciting new avenue for your business to add a touch more personality, to create your very own community and to get involved in activities which other outlets don’t allow.

Whether you’d like to be seen as professionals in your field, as a page for inspiration or to build more of a fun community, you’ll need to decide on a tone of voice which will achieve that for your business. Choosing something a little more unique will help your business stand out and could help your business to become more memorable. It’s certainly a brand awareness opportunity not to miss out on!

The importance of consistency.

Although it’s likely that a large number of businesses do now have a presence on at least one social media platform for their business, are they using it effectively to positively impact brand awareness? One of the biggest pitfalls for busy companies is neglecting their social channels. Consistency is always preached when it comes to social media, but for good reason. If you push posting on social media down to the bottom of your to-do list, your account can start to look a little neglected. Sometimes, even looking so neglected that when people search for your business and see that you haven’t posted in weeks, months or even years, there’s a good chance they’ll get the impression that you’re no longer in business anymore.

A stat to get you straight onto that content calendar of yours is that 21% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that they can reach on social media! Not having consistent posts being published to your social accounts could leave people hesitant to make an enquiry through social media due to your account becoming seemingly inactive. A lack of consistency could result in a lack of enquiries. So essentially, our tip is to post consistently and as often as you can to keep your presence maintained.

Social media is the new Google search!

As buyer habits continue to change, a huge development announced by Google itself, states that nearly

40% of Gen Z prefers using TikTok and Instagram as a search engine over Google!

Whether that’s looking for the best shampoo on the market, or watching reviews on the latest technology, the social media platforms have become the go-to place to search for reviews and honest opinions from content creators.

Creating short-form videos for TikTok and Instagram is a great way to get your brand out there and discovered by new interested people! Get a conversation going, show some personality and become memorable as people begin taking to TikTok and Instagram over Google when looking for products and services on offer.

Hashtags- the easiest way to increase brand awareness.

Hashtags offer another chance at increasing your company’s brand awareness, on the topics you’d like to be most well-known for too. It’s a quick and easy way to get those extra few keywords into your posts and to help your post show up in search results when people type in words related to your brand.

Believe it or not, less is often more with hashtags to avoid things looking too spammy. Make sure to get in a good mixture of broad and popular hashtags, with more specific and less used hashtags to increase your chances of reaching your target audience.

Manage the publics perception of your brand.

The good, the bad and the ugly, social media has undoubtedly become the place for customer feedback. Whether it’s positive or negative feedback, on a public channel or through private messages, any feedback is an opportunity for you to manage public perception of your brand.
If somebody compliments your products or services, you’ll want to make sure to thank them right away, so they know just how appreciated their custom and feedback really is.

In the case of receiving a negative comment or message, being active on social media means you can respond quickly and professionally, willing to resolve any issues which may have arisen. On a public channel, other customers will be able to see you actively addressing customer issues, meaning they’re likely to turn the negative they’ve seen into a positive!

There were just a few of the many reasons why incorporating a strong social media strategy into your marketing plan can skyrocket your brand awareness! Need a hand with getting your social media off the ground? Get in touch with us and let’s have a chat!

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6 Marketing tips to celebrate your business anniversary.

Is your business approaching a milestone anniversary? Whether it’s your first, fifth, tenth, or even a significant 25th, 30th, or 50th anniversary, seizing this moment is crucial. Anniversaries are not just about celebrating longevity; they showcase your business’s achievements and the remarkable journey leading to this milestone.

Recognising and publicising your anniversary is a powerful way to enhance your business’s credibility and attract prospective clients. The growth and evolution your business has undergone—expanding staff, overcoming challenges, adapting to industry changes, and launching new products and services—deserve recognition. So, embrace this opportunity to highlight your success. Here are six effective strategies to commemorate and market your special anniversary:

1. Consider a Rebrand

Evaluate your brand’s relevance every few years. If your anniversary aligns with a need for rebranding, this is the perfect opportunity. A fresh brand can invigorate your image, open new doors and supercharge growth.

2. Temporary Icon

Create a temporary anniversary icon or logo featuring the number of years achieved. Utilise this icon across platforms—social media, email signatures, printed materials—to maximise visibility and to prompt conversations. Established businesses instil trust, and this tactic reinforces your credibility.

3. Engage Local Press

For significant anniversaries, why not engage local press outlets to really get the word out there? You could arrange a photo shoot with your team to make the supporting imagery stand out, incorporating the business’s history and key success factors. Craft a press release highlighting your journey, industry adaptability and biggest achievements to date. Share this with local and national media outlets for the best coverage possibilities.

4. Host a Celebration

Mark the occasion with a celebration—whether a party, event, or open day. Invite customers, prospects, local influencers, and press contacts that could make the occasion extra special. Leverage social media and blogs to showcase the event, giving insights into your business culture and sharing appreciation for those who have helped you reach this monumental milestone. Physical invites add an extra layer of excitement and give the event a feeling of exclusivity too, so get those golden envelopes at the ready!

5. Exclusive Product Launch

Emulate major brands by launching an exclusive anniversary edition product or service. Create a limited run of special edition products to generate excitement and exclusivity. Alternatively, run an anniversary sale to boost sales with an exclusive offer that everybody take advantage of.

6. Social Media Campaign

Leverage the power of social media with a campaign that runs across your social media pages. Social media campaigns are versatile and can effectively reach new audiences, making them an ideal tool for anniversary marketing. Plus, they’ll help you spread the word and boost engagement rates!

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. We have endless ideas for how you can make the most out of your business anniversary to help market your company and boost your brand’s credentials. If your business is due to become another year older in the coming months and you need a helping hand with spreading the word, get in touch with us – we’d love to be a part of your business’s special birthday!

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